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The Astronomer

75 USD

Hello! I am a Fably! My friends and I all come from the stories of Aesop. He was a guy who lived 2,500 years ago in ancient Greece. He told stories that were loved so much we still tell them today. Now you can take me home, read my story, and invent your own! I come with my own magnetic accessory that you can wear as well. Just put the metal clasp on one side of your shirt and my magnetic object on the other. When people ask about your cool new pin , you can tell them my story just like Aesop did thousands of year ago!

Curse Club haunts every single graveyard, home, and planet in the known universe. Club members set off EMF meters, whisper fables in your ear, spot cryptids, and viciously fight off a death phobic society.

Curse Club is run by comic drawing ghosts Lillian Melcher and AGLENNCO.